About Don Schuller

Early on, my parents taught me the values of hard work and personal responsibility, and that giving back to the community is a promise that we all owe. Last year, I decided to run for Legislature in District 30 to make good on that promise.

Growing up in Nebraska

Family Roots

Don was born November 23, 1955 and was raised on the same farm he still works today just outside of Wymore, NE. His first school was a small country school that closed just as he entered Southern High School in Wymore. He has one sister who lives in town. Don’s father was a farmer, laborer – working for the railroad while farming – union member, and Korean war veteran. His mother was a teacher and helped out on the farm maintaining the cow/calf herd.  Don was a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Barneston until 1984. Since then he has been a faithful, attending member of St. Mary’s Catholic church in Wymore. He has one son, John, who lives in Grand Island. In 2015, Don married his wife, Julie, who has three daughters and five grandchildren (with one on the way!). 

Work Experience

Knowing the value of hard work

Throughout his adult life, Don has had to work multiple jobs in order to get by. As a young man, his father gave him the choice of going to college or staying to work the family farm. It was a tough decision, but going to college would have meant that the family could not continue working the land. So he decided to stay with his family. Don continues to farm the same piece of land as his parents. He also worked for over 30 years for the the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) – helping farmers solve their soil and water quality problems. After retiring, he formed a small business that performs surveys and design work for agricultural land owners. 

Community Service

Giving back to our community

Don has been a member of the Sons of the American Legion for 41 consecutive years – serving as an officer for most of those years. The group hosts fundraisers for veterans and other community outreach. He has also been a member of the Wymore Rural Fire Board and the Blue Springs COOP Board. Most recently, Don helped form (and now chairs) the Gage County Property Tax Organization – a group that advocates for property tax relief in Nebraska.